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the skills they need to get jobs they want. get this deficit and debt under control to prevent a debt crise. make trade work for america so we can make more things in america and sell them overseas and champion small businesses. don't raise taxes on small businesses because they're our job creators. he talks about detroit. mitt romney is a car guy. they keep misquoting him, but let me tell you about the mitt romney i know. this is a guy who i was talking to a family in northboro, massachusetts, the other day. sheryl and mark nixon. their kids were hit in a car crash, four of them, two of them, rob and reid, were paralyzed. the romneys didn't know them. they went to the same church. mitt asked if he could come over on christmas. he brought his boys, his wife, and gifts. later on he said, "i know you're struggling, mark. don't worry about their college. i'll pay for it." when mark told me this story, because you know what, mitt romney doesn't tell this story. the nixons told this story. when he told me this story. he said it wasn't the cash help. it's that he gave his time and he has consiste
is already under way. >> here we go. tara, thank you so much. >>> controlling the deficit is one of the key issues of campaign 2012. this week, a group of bipartisan senators is meeting in virginia to try to keep the nation from falling off the so called fiscal cliff. the group of eight senators, four republicans and four democrats, is expected to meet for three days to try and reach a deficit reduction proposal that's acceptable to congress and the president. the fiscal cliff refers to budget control measures scheduled to take effect at year's end, including tax increases and spending cuts. >>> today attack now on the u.s. consulate in libya. one of the men responsible for u.s. diplomats in libya said he knew there were security issues there long before the deadly attack in benghazi. he's scheduled to testify tomorrow. sheryl atkinson has his story. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel andrew wood last set foot in libya in february to elite a security team with expertise in counterterrorism. from the moment he arrived, he says he saw chaos. >> shooting instances occurred. many instances involvi
spending and the deficit and that poll was taken most of that poll was taken before last week's debate which widely is seen as going to mitt romney. now in california the president last night actually mocked his own debate performance. poked fun at himself. take a listen to this. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, such great friends and they just performed flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: so the pressure is on the president important the next presidential debate which will be of course next week, but first the two number twos will go head-to-head thursday night in danville, kentucky. no one knows what to expect. joe biden going at it with paul ryan. we haven't seen these two go head-to-head before. a lot going on this week with this prop speech. a lot of fundraisers out west with the president and then course the big debate on thursday night. for cbs "this morning" i'm jan crawford in lexington, virginia. >> california's governor is taking emergency steps to cut rising gas prices. but it will take a few days to show up at the pump. th
to the reds. makes it 5-0. giants win 6-4 and come back from a two game deficit to win the series. in washington the national keep their post-season temperatures alive. a walkoff home run. nats stop the card 2-1 and force a decisive game five tonight. in the nfl the steelers go on the road to face the titans, pittsburgh up by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. tennessee ties it on a five yard touchdown catch. steelers trying to take the lead with a late field goal. and coming up short on a 54-yard. we'll talk about this. let's talk about michael vick. philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick once a dog own. spent time in prison on dogfighting charges. he's not allowed to have a dog during probation. he said he wants his children to develop a healthy relationship with animals. this week he was questioned about whether he owned a dog after a picture showed him with an open box of dog biscuit on the table. i thought michael vick liked dog biscuits. when we come back small town shocker, a 91-year-old alabama mayor is arrested for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her
to be, being at home, coming back from a deficit 2-1 against a veteran club that's been in this situation before. we couldn't ask for a better situation. >> this has been more rewarding and more fun to see this club do the things i know they're capable of doing and it's good to see them get the experience of the big stage here in postseason. >> reporter: so it's the inexperienced nats against the experience of the st. louis cardinals, be very interesting to see how it plays out tonight. >> reporter: maybe because they haven't been here before, some of the nats don't know to be intimidated. they don't know what's on the table here, but after these last four games, of course, i think they have a pretty good idea. the fans are piling into this place and in the last five minutes we've been on the air here i think the stands are a little more crowded than when we first began. let's get outside the gates with ken molestina who has more on what the fans are talking about and all the excitement as it builds up toward the 8:00 start of this game. >> reporter: they're talking a
. >>> the federal deficit for fiscal year 2012 came in at 1. $1 trillion. on the bright side the debt shrank from $207 billion from the prior year. >>> there is more evidence apple may indeed be coming out with a mini ipad. apple has ordered more than 10 million units this year from asian component suppliers to apple. it is double the size of the order placed by amazon for its kindle fire tablet. >>> if you are a regular channel 9 viewer you have no doubt seen the scrolling banners across your tv screen and the commercials that tell you about the possibility wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers beginning monday. our parent company is in negotiations with dish for the right to carry their sattal light service. wusa and gannett are still committed to continuing those negotiations, even though today's early morning deadline has passed. >> dish issued a statement saying the issues involve the company's commercial skipping technology found on dvr systems it provides. a complete statement of wusa and gannett's position can be found on wusa9 wusa is available on verizon, comcast, rc n
'm going to cut your taxes and balance it out so it doesn't increase the deficit. >> he controlled the congress. he had every card in the deck for two years, didn't do anything. he's got no plans. >> well, of course,. but you need 60 votes, and you know that, bob. they filibustered everything. you can't get 60 votes, you know, to agree on what day of the week it is. >> he couldn't pass his own budget. >> i can't allow you to filibuster. we have to move on. i appreciate it, though,. >>> meantime the internet was all abuzz during this debate. joining me simon landau, our social media director, and who's trending right now? >> sure. the internet certainly was buzzing tonight, maybe not so much as last week during the presidential debate when we saw so much tweeting action about big bird and jim lehrer; but we still do have some action. what we're looking at right now is the national trends map, and we see that interrupting afghans, voters, weapons, referring to those topics, those major buzz topics from the debate are going on, and it's not quite as active as last week, which can be e
be a link between exposure between low level mercury during pregnancy and attention deficit hyperactivity or adhd in children. a new study looked at 400 children and found an increased arrive in the behavior in mothers who had higher mercury levels. some fish including fresh tuna and sword fish can have high levels of mercury but researchers also found mothers who ate more than two servings of fish per week helped reduce the risk of adhd in their children. the study did not determine which types of fish are best to eat but previous research shows flounder, haddock and salmon are all lower in mercury. >>> a new study shows losing weight with a group is effective whether or not a health professional leads the program. the national institutes of health funded the research which compared professionally delivered group weight loss treatment to peer-led programs such as weight watchers. the study found both groups lost weight but people in peer- led treatments lost more. researchers say their findings are important because people need more practical, affordable options to losing weight. >>> the
and has come roaring back to the top of the world. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: on deficit reduction, the president accused romney of salesmanship, not leadership, part of the new approach by this president to attack not just romney's policies, scott, but his character. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. the obama campaign has been running ads in ohio for months painting romney has a hard-hearted businessman indifferent to layoffs. romney now has 28 days to turn that around. jan crawford is with the campaign tonight. jan? >> reporter: well, scott, romney arrived here in ohio with a boost in momentum and a slightly different approach. he's showing a softer side. he's also being more aggressive in defending himself. at his family's urging, romney-- a private man-- has been telling personal stories of helping others. today in iowa he talked of meeting a former navy seal who was killed, along with three other americans, in the attacks in libya. >> and it -- itouched me, obviously, as i recognized this young man that i thought was so impressive had lost his life in the service of his fellow men
back from a deficit 2-1 against a veteran club who has been in this situation before, you know, we couldn't ask for a better situation. i mean, yeah. anyone could sit here and say they would like a sweep, but at the end of the day we're in a great spot to win the series. >> reporter: here's the good news. they're sending gio gonzalez to the hill, 21-8 in the regular season, on full four days rest. so that's a good thing. >> reporter: he didn't look so good in game one. >> but he often comes back after a poor performance. >> reporter: we should note they will open the gates in about an hour to the stadium, 6 p.m. that's still 2 1/2 hours before game time, but our ken molestina is outside the gate right now and he says there's already fans showing up clamoring to get in. >> reporter: these are the die hards, a different they're showing up still about another hour for the gates to open. they're bearing this chilly weather out here, but you know what? it may be coal, but the vibe is definitely red hot -- cold, but the vibe is definitely red hot. look behind me. this is the center fi
hall debates how does the deficit and debt affect you it tripped him up a little bit. there's that personal interaction bit which is part of politics. that can be very unpredictable. we'll see how these two candidates deal with regular people when they have to talk to them face to face. >> what are we seeing at the state level. we saw romney get a bit of a bounce at the national level but ultimately the electoral college will make the choice here in this election. >> we're seeing the same kind of tightening in the battleground state polls we've seen in the national polls but it's happening in different states in different ways. governor romney is seeing some great improvement, things are going well for him in state polls and florida and colorado but not so much in virginia. tightening in ohio but not as much as colorado and florida. so, individual states are starting to align with candidates a little bit more and we'll have to see how that plays out. . >> given that movement how critical is this debate for the president? >> it's pretty critical. he needs to fix, you know, t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)